Professor Steve KellySteve Kelly: Professor Steve Kelly has spent over 27 years involved in the synthesis of liquid crystals for use in LCDs and about 10 years designing new reactive mesogens for various electro-optical applications including OLEDs and photovoltaic devices. He holds the accolade of being only the third chemist to report the synthesis of over 3,000 liquid crystals, some of which are found in everyday LCD devices. Steve has worked with G. W. Gray and E.P. Raynes at Hull , T.J. Scheffer and J Nehring at ABB and M. Schadt and J. Fünfschilling at Roche. Steve (along with Mary) now heads the Organophotonics Research group at Hull, where the use of light-emitting and charge-transporting liquid crystals in OLEDS has been pioneered.
Professor Mary O’NeillMary O’Neill: Professor Mary O’Neill received her PhD in Physics from the University of Strathclyde. After a postdoctoral fellowship in Integrated Optics at the University of Glasgow and a short spell in industry, she rejoined the Physics Department at the University of Hull. She is joint leader (with Steve Kelly) of an interdisciplinary team investigating new photonic and optoelectronic applications for liquid crystals. Other areas of research include the photoalignment of liquid crystals and hybrid inorganic-organic optoelectronic devices.
Dr. Stuart KitneyStuart Kitney: Dr. Stuart Kitney is the Lead Scientist at Polar OLED. Stuart completed his first degree at the University of Hull in 2003 and continued with his PhD and Post Doctoral research under the guidance of Steve Kelly. Stuart has now taken up the challenge of applying his extensive knowledge to the development of the Polar OLED materials. Stuart brings a wealth of experience and know-how in the field of liquid crystals and their applications in display systems.

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Achim HoffmannAchim Hoffmann: Achim has been working in the entrepreneurial tech sector for the last 10 years initially as Entreprenuer and now as an Investor. He launched his career at a Fraunhofer Institute and then first joined McKinsey & Company in the Düsseldorf and later the London Office as a strategy consultant. Achim received his Chemical Engineering Diploma and Dr Degrees from Universities in Karlsruhe (KIT) and Dortmund, Germany. He also holds an MBA from Kellogg. While being involved in a wide variety of tech investments at IP Group, his focus is on materials and turning them into commercial applications.